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A pregnancy lasts approximately three Sim days, no matter which lifespan setting the player is using. The mother will have morning sickness and make trips to the bathroom to vomit. It's pretty gross, so beware before you zoom in for a close up! The toilet will need to be cleaned afterward. During her pregnancy, the mother will have backaches that may or may not be helped by a massage from her partner. The mother will be able to:

Hover over her pregnancy moodlet to see how far the pregnancy has progressed: first, second, or third trimester. By the third trimester, the mother is HUGE! She's also quite uncomfortable and ready for the baby to come.

Giving Birth Edit

When the time arrives, the mother will go into labor. It will last about three hours and the mother can do anything she wants during this time. She can eat, have conversations, go to the bathroom, even sleep. She'll have a +40 Uncomfortable moodlet during this time, however, which is too large to really overcome by normal means. If you like, you can avoid long labor by simply clicking the option to deliver at hospital from the Bassinet.